Words from McKinley Homeowners

Edward J. 2021

“I highly recommend…”

I had a Sun Tunnel installed in my home and Jason was PHENOMENAL!!! There is a saying that between Good/Affordable/Fast, you can only pick two. However, with Jason and Georgia Solar Lighting the workmanship was excellent, the product was very affordable, and the time it took was incredibly fast. I highly recommend Jason and Georgia Solar Lighting!


Patrick K Oct 1, 2020

“…very professional…”

Jason and the team from the Sunshine Boys are welcome in our home any time. They completed exemplary work on the most challenging aspect of our install (two skylights in a >20 foot ceiling built into a dormer) that transformed the room. The team was very professional and accommodating throughout the entire process, and it is clear that Dan (the owner) takes personal pride in every job that his crew performs.


Jim O Mar 29, 2022

“Whole experience was wonderful!”

Researched Sunshine Boys and Velus skylights in detail and liked what we learned, so ordered 2 skylights in our living room. Whole experience was wonderful! 4 installers Arrived on time, moved any furniture that was in the way, covered the furniture and wall with drop cloths. Head installer has been with them for 10 years and it was reflected in the quality of his work. All 4 worked as a team and were pleasant and hardworking. Worked until 8PM to insure everything was perfect when they finished. Swept up the room, removed dropcloths and replaced the furniture. The job ending up looking like the skylights were original to the home. 6 stars


Candy J. Jun 18, 2022

“Looks better than advertised.”

Great product and installation services! Looks better than advertised. Had a skylight installed in Dec 2021 and it immediately transformed the lighting in our living room into a well lit oasis! Now, we are thinking about adding another skylight to the same room. Thank you Sunshine Boys!